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Facts to support implementing Mobile + QR Codes now

Your target market is mobile.

They are using their mobile device to find information about your wine.

They will discuss your wine with their networks online.

Providing the right mobile information at the right time is critical. Enabling easy, instant access via QR Codes is smart.


  • 302.9M Americans (96%+ of U.S. households) are wireless subscribers; as of July 2011 40% of mobile users over 18 have smartphones.¹
  • 24M US adults who drink wine one or more times per week seek out specific wine information online ²
  • 16M US adults who drink wine one or more times per week use sites like Facebook to discuss wine ²
  • 79% of smartphone consumers use their phones to help with shopping activities, such as finding more product info, comparing prices or locating a retailer ³
  • 80% of wine is sold off-premise 4 and 70% of smartphone owners use their device while in stores ³
  1. In December 2010, CTIA reported that there were 302.9M wireless subscribers in the US, which is 96% penetration of U.S. Households (CTIA Wireless Quick Facts). The Nielsen Company reported that 40 Percent of U.S. Mobile Users own Smartphones (Nielsen Wire, July 2011)
  2. There are approximately. 219M US Adults over the age of 21 (US Census Report 2011, accessed June 2011). 91% of wine (by volume) in the US is consumed by 20% of the 21+ population or approximately 44M Americans who drink wine 1 or more times per week. 55% or 24M of these seek out information about wine online. 38% or 16M of these discuss wine in their social networks online (Wine Market Council’s 2010 Consumer Tracking Study, accessed March 2011).
  3. Google Mobile Ads Blog Smartphone User Study, April 26, 2011 (accessed June 2011)
  4. April 2011 Nomacorc Marketing Symposium, US Wine Trends: Marketing to the Next Generation by Nielsen Beverage Alcohol Team